Group Exercise Classes Near Me

Are you seeking leading group exercise classes near me in Melbourne? Group exercise is one of the best ways to kick off your fitness journey or change up your solo routine. With a tailored and personalised approach for every participant based on fitness level, experience and individuals goals, our group exercise classes are designed to combine cardio, strength and conditioning in a fun environment. Here at Peak Health, we have unrivalled experience, knowledge and insight on everything that has to do with fitness. Our leading group exercise classes near me in Melbourne will test your limits and ensure constant development.

Let Peak Health assist you in developing yourself alongside other, like-minded individuals in a cohesive and motivational setting. When seeking group fitness classes near me, our sessions are state of the art and we build programs that work! Our mission is to increase awareness for complex and chronic conditions and improve the quality of life for our patients through innovative ways of group fitness.

We believe strongly in quantifiable assessments, this way improvements can be tangibly seen in black and white. These facts allow us to address strength imbalances, movement dysfunctions and range of motion deficiencies to improve injury or athletic performance!

When seeking group fitness classes near me, you can be assured our sessions are expertly developed by clinicians enabling us to build programs that work! Our mission is to provide the most individualised training program possible in a group environment, improving the quality of life for our clients via our revolutionary delivery of group fitness!

Peak Health administers the highest quality of Rehabilitation, Personal Training and Group Training by clinically assessing and reassessing your movement to develop a program based on what your body needs. Our University qualified coaches and clinicians can help you train smarter and then harder via scientifically proven methods, not gimmicks and generalised programming. Contact us today for more insight in our group fitness classes in Melbourne. When you hear the phrase “group exercise classes near me” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – Peak Health! Contact us, today.


Peak Health provides the highest calibre of service across all areas of health. Regardless of where you sit on the continuum of pain to performance our Treatment, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Personal Training and Group Fitness methodologies will yield outstanding results! We achieve what we do by utilising University Educated clinicians, quantitative clinical assessment, and truly personalised service so you can achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient manner!


Looking to try something different in fitness? Have a look at our sister company Peak Gymnastics! From absolute beginner to elite, we are equipped to help you achieve your gymnastic and fitness goals in a fun and safe environment!


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