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Bringing the most progressive and holistic assessment and training methodologies to the community fitness realm is what we endeavour to accomplish here at Peak Health.

Peak Health was established in 2014 and has grown into one of Melbourne’s leading training and musculoskeletal rehabilitation centres. We offer Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy and Sport Science as well as unrivalled Personal Training and Group Training for the people of Elsternwick. The Peak Health vision is to empower patients through education and corrective movement so that they may reach their training goals or to simply live life the best way that they can pain free. When it comes to Personal Training for the people of Elsternwick, we are the trusted option!

Our philosophy towards exercise is that every person moves different and as such requires a tailored approach to avoid injury and achieve the best results. Once a comprehensive movement assessment is completed our Accredited Sport Scientists and Exercise Physiologists have the information they require to develop a training program which leads to impeccable movement technique, allowing for long term training progression free from setbacks and injury. Technique is priority number 1 at Peak Health and we will never put your health at risk in order to increase intensity. This is not to say we don’t push our clients hard, we just ensure it is in a manner that is best suited to the way your body moves. More progress is made over time by staying patient, moving well, and sticking to a plan training at 80% than from blindly going at 100% at every session, this simply creates an environment where you are consistently too sore or regularly injured to train consistently.

Determination, attention to detail and unwavering assistance are all key ingredients to Peak Health’s ability to deliver an exceptional service when administering the best Personal Training in Elsternwick. With unrivalled knowledge in all aspects of training, from rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to weight-loss and improvements in health status, our team has extensive experience in providing the best training practices for all clients. All exercise plans are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and goals to ensure that progress is evident, and motivation is always at a high.

If you are seeking excellent personal trainer Elsternwick services, backed by science and accredited health professionals – we are your leading solution. Contact us today!

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Peak Health provides the highest calibre of service across all areas of health. Regardless of where you sit on the continuum of pain to performance our Treatment, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Personal Training and Group Fitness methodologies will yield outstanding results! We achieve what we do by utilising University Educated clinicians, quantitative clinical assessment, and truly personalised service so you can achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient manner!


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