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    What is the difference between a Physiotherapist and an Exercise Physiologist?2020-09-08T09:11:33+00:00

    Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy are both recognised Allied Health Professions. Exercise physiologists primarily treat patients using clinical exercise interventions as their main modality whereas Physiotherapists traditionally perform more passive, hands on treatments. Exercise Physiologists tend to place a strong focus on behavioural change and self-management techniques to help you self manage your condition better.

    What should I wear to a consult?2019-06-05T06:36:13+00:00

    Standard exercise wear or loose-fitting attire that you can move freely in is advised as all of our clinical assessments and interventions are movement/exercise based!


    Are your services Private Health and/or Medicare Rebateable?2019-06-05T06:34:34+00:00

    Most health funds now provide varying levels of rebate for Exercise Physiology services; see our Health Fund Rebates page to see what your health fund offers.

    Medicare rebates are available under a Team Care Arrangement for Chronic pain patients or those suffering a chronic ailment. A GP referral is required to access this rebate, so talk to your doctor to enquire if your condition is eligible for a Team Care Arrangement rebate.

    Health Fund Rebates


    What is the difference between Personal Training, Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning?2019-06-05T06:30:55+00:00

    To put it simply, our personal training service focusses on improving overall strength, fitness and health, whereas our Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning programs are tailored to safely assess and improve specific athletic attributes applicable to a given sporting pursuit.


    What is Exercise Physiology?2019-06-05T06:32:05+00:00

    Exercise Physiology is the use of exercise and self-management practices to improve an injury or pathological condition. At Peak Sport Science, we specialise in the improvement of musculoskeletal injury. Whether experiencing chronic pain, ongoing “niggles” or sporting injury we can help you reduce your pain by strengthening the muscles needing to be strengthened and releasing muscles that need to be relaxed.




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    Peak Health provides the highest calibre of service across all areas of health. Regardless of where you sit on the continuum of pain to performance our Treatment, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Personal Training and Group Fitness methodologies will yield outstanding results! We achieve what we do by utilising University Educated clinicians, quantitative clinical assessment, and truly personalised service so you can achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient manner!

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    Looking to try something different in fitness? Have a look at our sister company Peak Gymnastics! From absolute beginner to elite, we are equipped to help you achieve your gymnastic and fitness goals in a fun and safe environment!

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